Shipping production lines from Turkey

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Shipping production lines from Turkey :

The Turkish economy has made a significant growth in all aspects. The sector of Industry represented in exports growth, and the expansion of the Turkish goods and enterprises had the most important effect on the Turkish economy raising it to a whole new level in a short period of time. Turkish goods and industries of various kinds are known for their high quality and competitive costs when compared to those in the Middle East and Europe, and by reaching such a level Turkey became a role model for countries seeking to boost their economic growth.

Daimoma in response to the growing numbers of investors and importers now facilitates the shipping of production lines of various types and capacities from Turkey to different countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle east.

The main production lines in turkey :

  • Production lines of Turkish natural stones and marble.
  • Production lines of Dairy and cheese.
  • Production lines of Turkish sponge.
  • Production lines for organic and conserved juices, as well as jams.
  • Production lines for packing and packaging.
  • Production of water and bottling lines.
  • Production lines of Chocolate.
  • Production lines for bread and baked goods.
  • Production lines for mining equipment.
  • Lines of production in the textile industry.
  • Production lines for the paper industry.

Advantages of contracting Daimoma for shipping production lines from Turkey :

Picking Daimoma for production lines shipping from Turkey is time and effort saving decision in addition to provides a guarantee for the wellbeing of your cargo and its safe delivery. This is due to Daimoma's experienced crew in shipping production lines from Turkey. Daimoma also serves as a communication channel between the manufacturer of the machinery equipment of production lines and the importer, thus easing the process.

Advantages of shipping production lines from Turkey :

  • Daimoma's experienced crew, which handles packages in a professional way and then follows up with the customer until the shipment is delivered to its destination.
  • Accelerating the pace at which shipments are received and delivered in accordance to a specific schedule.
  • Tracing shipments till they reach their destination country
  • Customs clearance services in several Arab and European countries.
  • Providing skilled packaging services for machines and equipment to ensure safe delivery to their destination.
  • Providing insurance for shipments against hazards at the request of the client.
  • The ability to provide the necessary documents for machines and equipment shipping and exporting to start the manufacturing line in Turkey, as well as the necessary custom clearance papers in the destination country.

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