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Modanisa Website

Modanisa Website :

A platform specializing in women's fashion and veiled clothing, Modanisa Is one of Turkey's top tier e-commerce platforms that rallies in the marathon of online shopping firms through offering services rarely provided by competitors at high-quality and efficiency.

What is Modanisa?

Muslim women in specific and Arab women in general having specific taste in fashion characterized by veiled and modest clothes, Modanisa took the privilege to offer them their desired needs through its site that launched first in 2011 which supports op to five languages for easier navigation and usage for clients, these languages include: Arabic, English, Turkish, German and French.

Taking the lead in fulfilling the customers tastes of cultures due to Modanisa's experience in this field has brought the platform pride and honor, which provided further more motivation to serve the customer to the utmost that could be, this was offered by providing marvelous varieties of Turkish fashion and products combining modesty with the latest western and eastern designs of fashion thus preserving the Islamic and Turkish culture and modifying it in the same time.

Around 20 million visitors use the site monthly covering around 140 countries, the platform has more the 650 different national and international brands with a number of products surpassing 70,000 products.

Since its launch Modanisa has achieved many local and international prizes due to its exquisite achievements such the International Business Excellence Award and the Islamic economy Prize, believing in its commitment towards startup firm and producers Modanisa is showcasing their products to let them expand and grow.

The Sections and Features of Modanisa :

Modanisa has 10 main sections each of them has several subsections, the top sections in Modanisa are the following:

  • Hijab section: A section that has various designs made by top designers represented in scarves, sheels, shawls, bonnets, and accessories.
  • Coating section: This section contains a collection of different abayas, coats, and mannequins.
  • The clothing section: Considered the largest and most visited section in the site, as it has many subsections such as dresses, tops, children and infants’ clothes, house clothes.
  • Large sizes section: This section is made to portray a collection of clothes, whether dresses, top clothes, sportswear, and other kinds of clothes, but specifically in large sizes.
  • The swim and sportswear section: This section offers a collection of clothes, beachwear for veiled women, and beach bags.
  • bags and shoes section: A section that offers a collection of various shoes and bags models, women’s beauty products, skincare products, different accessories, and perfumes.
  • soirée section: this section holds a collection of exquisite evening dresses, suits, ensembles, and evening skirts. Clients are also capable of viewing the products of each designer sporadically.
  • Designers section: A section of collection of products presented by the designers, where if any designer is picked, all the products of his own making are displayed.
  • New comings section: In this section, the newest products of added to the store of all sections are shown no matter to what section it belongs.
  • Sales and Discounts section: A section specialized in listing the latest and biggest discounts offered by the Modanisa. As Modanisa is well acquainted for periodically making large discounts to attract clients and offer a special shopping experience.

Payment methods that Modanisa are PayPal cards and credit cards. It also offers cash on delivery, in case the total check is below $ 400 the site does not accept the payment through bank transfers.

Modanisa ships their products in Turkey only so in case you are outside of Turkey and interested in shopping online either from Modanisa and other online shops or local Turkish markets, Daimoma offers the free service of providing local address in Turkey so you can make your shipment delivered to and then Daimoma takes the responsibility of consolidating and re-packaging the shipment and delivering it to your doorstep at convenient prices.

Daimoma provides its air shipping service in an integrated manner through online and safe payment methods and delivering the shipment from Turkey to Arab countries and other countries around the globe. 

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