Shipping clothes from turkey

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Shipping clothes from turkey :

Turkish industries of all types have been expanding internationally through the last years. Clothing is one of the most important Turkish industries which represents a huge part of Turkish exports owing to the high quality of the materials and low pricing.

Daimoma being a shipping company serves significantly in importing clothing, shoes and accessories as well from Istanbul, either through sea, land or air shipping carried professionally by experienced workers.

Not only helping with the shipping procedures Daimoma as well provides basic and general data in the specifics of obtaining various types of clothing such as women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, sportswear, furnishings fabrics, curtains, hotel and house linens, as well as bags and shoes of various materials and types from its different sources in Turkish companies, factories, and wholesale markets in Istanbul, Gaziantep, and Bursa.

The options available at Daimoma for shipping Clothing from Istanbul :

Air freight is the primary mean for shipping of clothing because of its fast and simple procedures, as a result, the cost of air shipping has become reasonable, particularly for small and medium shipments.

However, in the case of large shipments when delivery time is not a matter of priority, sea shipping from Istanbul is considered to be a very cost-effective option.

Another alternative is ground freight, shipping through ground from Turkey to Europe or Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia through transboundary trucks.

Daimoma offers as well the service of providing samples on the importer request in case testing the materials is needed, also Daimoma has special quotes for Turkish items and goods based on their knowledge of Turkish factories and markets.

Daimoma's services in terms of shipping furniture from Istanbul :

Daimoma took in consideration strict criteria in order to ensure the satisfaction of the client, thus providing high quality services including tracking the factory, receiving and packaging the shipment up to door-to-door delivery represented in :

  • step by step checking of the shipment starting with inspecting its quality, evaluating its packaging and capability to be shipped and informing the client with every step through the evaluation.
  • Providing a scheduled receipt date in the city of origin and a delivery date in the destined city taking in accordance the size of the shipment.
  • Providing the documents of necessity, such as bills of lading, certificates of origin, and any other crucial documents, in order to send the shipment from Turkey and proceed with customs clearance in the target country.
  • The ability to track shipments until they reach the country of destination.
  • Providing a door-to-door clothing delivery service in Istanbul.
  • Goods insurance upon request.
  • Helping with customs clearance in several Arab and European countries.

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