Express Freight

Express Freight:

It is the fastest shipping service in terms of delivery time and is characterized by delivery to the addressee's residence and accurate shipment tracking details

Consumers and sellers today need fast shipping services, which makes it necessary for merchants to offer express shipping services .

The pleasure of shopping is that the consumer obtains the demand as quickly as possible. Many expect this period between one to three days .

We give you express service in cooperation with the best express companies DHL. ARAMEX. UPS. FEDEX

Shipping rates are less more than 80% of the regular price .

Today's customers want instant satisfaction in their shipping experience, which makes it important to offer express delivery service for e-commerce .

There are always offers from express shipping companies on certain weights and at excellent prices. These weights are either for the actual weight or for the volumetric weight .

We at Daimoma Express offer advice to our valued customers in this regard, for example, if there is an offer from express shipping companies on a weight of 30 kg at a price of 180 USD for shipping to Canada, but the customer has only 28 kg and the normal shipping price for this weight is 280 US dollars, we at Daimoma Express advise the customer to add 2 kilos in order to get a better price than what he expected .

There is an important point that the customer or the merchant must pay close attention to .

Express shipping companies will calculate the shipment based on the actual weight or volumetric weight .

For example: you have goods whose actual weight is 30 kg but the volumetric weight is 50 kg ,

The shipping price will be based on the weight of 50 kg

Volumetric weight is calculated as:

Length x width x height = the result divided by 5000

We at Daimoma Express will always assist you in packing your shipment so that the actual weight matches the volumetric weight .

Our goal is always to satisfy the customer and provide the best shipping price.

We offer two options for express shipping service:

  1. High Speed Express Shipping:
    • This method is the fastest ever. We can deliver your shipment in a working day from door to door.
  2. Express Shipping:
    • This service is also characterized by the speed of arrival of your shipment in a period not exceeding 4 working days from door to door.

What distinguishes Daimoma Logistics :

  • Our price includes customs clearance
  • Our company is distinguished from other companies by its speed, attention to customer requests and providing the necessary support.
  • Our clients have great confidence in our company.
  • We always strive to satisfy our customers and provide them with distinguished services.

We offer these services in cooperation with the best international companies specialized in the field of express shipping


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