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Trendyol :

E-commerce platforms has held a great role in trading in the last years. Trendyol is a pioneer in this field in Turkey as it is specialized in Turkish markets and online shopping as it is designated to serve millions per month inside and outside of Turkey with shopping various kinds of goods.

Here's a short brief on Trendyol and its services.

What is Trendyol ?

Established in 2010 the site in no time became a pioneer in the field of E-commerce and online shipping in Turkey and even serving the surrounding regions, the site supports Turkish language as its main and only language.

On the site's pages you can shop different original brands of different fields as well as the site's own special brand in fashion.

The site is responsible for shipping inside of Turkey and in some cases, it ships for free, as for shipping outside of Turkey to Europe and Arab countries shipping companies are responsible to carry out this particular process.

In order to lead the rivalry marathon Trendyol provides the best prices of their products when compared to competing sites whether they are local or intranational rivals, for this specific reason Trendyol periodically offers discounts for their clients to satisfy their needs at the best prices possible thus attracting more clients and gaining the confidence of regular clients.


Main products of Trendyol :

Trendyol platform contains many different products of different fields and sectors, such as:

  • Fashion: Turkish clothing is a high-quality product that competes internationally due to its unique designs and exquisite fabrics, this is mostly anticipated the women's clothing as it offers a mix of eastern and western tastes, children's and men's clothes are also a part of fashion on Trendyol.
  • Shoes: The site has a marvelous variety of men’s, women’s and children's shoes. These shoes are known for their eye-catching designs and high-quality materials.
  • Beauty Products: Cosmetics being mainly used by female customers, the site took the initiative to provide the best range of cosmetic and skincare products, labelled with the names of the best brands offered at very special prices.
  • Decorations: The décor section include house care products, and gadgets, in addition to home furnishings and decorations.
  • Electronic and Electrical devices: Multiple sections are present on the site to display electronic and electrical products, and their accessories, providing newest products in this field and updated regularly to follow up with the world.
  • Pets' products: Trendyol made a special section for pet care supplies and products, ranging from pets' food, pets' hygiene and bathing products, as well as the toys and clothing that pets are given inside the houses.

 Trendyol doesn't only offer these products only the as well offer many other sections of different products such as carpets departments, furniture products, food, supermarket, and many other products.

All of these services are easy to reach and use as the site is developed to simplify the process for the clients and provide them their needs at best prices available.

In case you are outside of Turkey and interested in shopping online either from online shop or local Turkish markets, Daimoma offers the free service of providing local address in Turkey so you can make your shipment delivered to and then Daimoma takes the responsibility of consolidating and re-packaging the shipment and delivering it to your doorstep at convenient prices.

Daimoma provides its air shipping service in an integrated manner through online and safe payment methods delivering the shipment from Turkey to Arab countries and other countries around the globe.

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