Jebel Ali Port In Dubai

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Jebel Ali Port In Dubai

Jebel Ali Port In Dubai :

The port of Jebel Ali in Dubai is considered one of the most important and vital ports in the Middle East and the world as well, as it forms a trading link between the western and eastern markets, thus it is a very important trading port for the Middle East.

Being the largest seaport in the Middle East on top of being the twelfth largest globally Jebel Ali Port is considered a gem in the Arab Gulf.

Here's a brief overview enlisting the most important information related to Jebel Ali Port.

What is Jebel Ali port ?

Jebel Ali Port is located on the Gulf Coast in Dubai, and considered the largest Middle Eastern Port with no doubts in addition to winning the award of the best Middle Eastern Port for 24 years in a row. This demonstrates the continuous work done to develop and enhance this port in position internationally.

Jafza is the name of the Free Zone in Jabal Ali Port and it is considered to play a major role in UAE economy owing to its great role in the maritime shipping field that is no less that the role of other commercial areas in the UAE.

Jebel Ali Port has a crucial effect on the UAE economy reflected by its shipping and commercial trading operations which varies from imports and exports and even it works as a relay station for international shipments. The port has evolved into a comprehensive and integrated multi-modal hub that carries out marine freight link services as well as air and land freight links, thanks to its constant improvement and significant logistical services.

The most important services of Jebel Ali Port :

As the link between the Gulf countries, India, Asia, and many other African markets, Jebel Ali Port offers multiple critical logistics solutions in many sectors of general naval freight.

The port also offers a wide range of storage services, each with a high level of specialization based on the type of goods and how it is packaged.

The port also contains a cargo filling station, which is a fully advanced facility used for transporting and packing cargoes on a 134,000-square-kilometer area that includes both covered and open storage areas.

This port offers a variety of innovative services, including processing transit freight, lowering container weight, re-shipment, and regulating processes, among others.

The port also offers excellent warehousing and refrigerating facilities with a total area of around 10,000 square meters. These facilities aid in the storage of cargoes containing perishable goods and goods that require particular processing, such as pharmaceuticals, chocolate, and beauty products.

The port also offers non-hazardous refuse dumping services, as it gives 6 cubic meters canisters for safe disposal to each anchor vessel as part of the port fee, and all ships docking within the port are required to do so.

The region has Changed into an integrated society that encompasses all of the required economic, commercial, and logistical services, thanks to the rapid progress of the Jebel Ali port and its Jafza its Free Zone. The port's site in Dubai, approximately 35 Km from the city center, had a great role in the expansion of the Jebel Ali community from global shipping and commercial firms, but had little impact on the UAE economy's development and prosperity.

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