Shipping of construction materials from Turkey

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Shipping of construction materials from Turkey :

Construction materials of various kinds are one of the most important materials exported from Turkey to Arab, African and many other countries throughout the world.

The materials include :

  • Marble and natural stones
  • Buildings and ceramics Granite
  • Wood tiles
  • Restroom sets
  • Valves and mixers
  • Medical supplies heating products
  • Fire-fighting equipment products
  • Insulating materials
  • Equipment and supplies for indoor and outdoor building cladding
  • Reinforcement steel and Coating products
  • Doors and windows accessories
  • Materials and tools for gardens and swimming pools
  • Gypsum boards

Of High quality and low rates when compared to similar products.

based on its experience in shipping from Turkey, Daimoma has worked to provide air, sea and land freight services for importers in accordance to the size of their work, trying to fulfill their anticipations of rates and delivery time, and has pursued to facilitate all the stages of the supply chain, beginning from the manufacturer and ending at the importer's storehouse.

Advantages of contracting Daimoma for shipping construction materials from Turkey :

Picking Daimoma for construction materials shipping from Turkey to the rest of the world provides you with a number of professional benefits in terms of shipping service and maintaining a continuous chain between the manufacturer and the importer without the hassle of following up and having to worry about punctual delivery. Daimoma has provided these benefits to help you with your importing and exporting plans from Turkey: 

  • Tracking shipments till they arrive to their destination country
  • importing and exporting customs clearance services
  • Shipping from door to door.
  • Accelerating the pace at which shipments are received and delivered in accordance to a specific schedule.
  • Tracing the delivery of orders from manufacturers and companies and providing enough information and a complete overview of the order to the client.
  • If desired insurance for shipment against hazards.
  • The service of supplying the necessary documents for exporting from Turkey and customs clearance in the destination country.
  • The expert crew has experience dealing with various types of shipments and implementing correct packaging procedures.

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