Shipping excess weight and baggage from Turkey to the UAE

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Shipping excess weight and baggage from Turkey to the UAE

Shipping excess weight and baggage from Turkey to the UAE :

Shipping of excess weight and baggage from Turkey has become an essential need for tourists and visitor. This procedure is a delicate one owing to the varying reasons for its implementation as well as the need for a fast and safe delivery thus Daimoma has taken the lead as a specialized company in the shipping field having great experience in shipping from Turkey to Gulf and Arab countries frequently as well as other countries of the world.

Here is a brief review illustrating the excess weight shipping service provided by Daimoma and tailored for the satisfaction of clients.

The reason after shipping excess weight and baggage from Istanbul :

The reasons may vary ranging from commercial, personal and other known reasons according to the client's activity, but still, whatever is the client's activity there are main factors that remain constant such as:

  • The rates of shipments stand out as the most important factor as air freight through international airports is expensive enough to limit client's budgets. Meanwhile, shipping through specialized companies in Istanbul is noticed to have reasonable prices.
  • Frustrating long durations of delivery if carried by individuals inexperienced in such procedure affect mainly customers in need of fast and safe delivery, here comes the important role of shipping companies.

Excess weight and baggage shipping service from Turkey to the UAE :

As The United Arab Emirates and Turkey have become one of the leading countries in the trading and tourism sectors, merchants and tourists now consider them as a favorable destination, paving the way for shipping companies like Daimoma to take the lead and facilitate shipping of excess weight and baggage thus fulfilling the public needs through many services provided some of these services:

  • Receiving, packaging and safely delivering tourists' excess weight and baggage of different forms and by so enhancing the tourism experience for tourists by collecting their merchandise in Turkey and delivering it to their doorsteps in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other UAE cities.
  • Adopting the proper procedures of packaging and delivering to ensure the safety of the shipment.
  • Tracing the shipment right after its receival in Turkey until its delivery to its destination in UAE.
  • Daimoma provides multiple shipping methods to fulfill clients' needs including air and sea freight.
  • Daimoma being one of the leading shipping companies in Turkey provides its customers customs clearance services carried by experienced crew in the field of packaging and shipping and all related procedures to make sure the clients' expectations are met.

Shipping excess weight and baggage from Turkey is not Daimoma's only service, as Daimoma also serves as a shipping company for different goods and merchandise from Turkey to different countries of the world either through land, sea or air freight. 

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