Shipping from Turkey to Australia

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Shipping from Turkey to Australia

Shipping from Turkey to Australia :

Daimoma offers integrated shipping services from Turkey to Australia through providing different solutions for merchandise shipping of Turkish origin to Australia and New Zealand for fast, safe delivery at reasonable prices.

Daimoma being specialized in shipping services offers the best solution for its clients for the various kinds of shipments such as Carpets, Foods, Furnishings and Personal Parcels as well. Delivering the Shipments to the many Australian cities like Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Newcastle.

How to ship from Turkey to Australia ?

Sea shipping from Turkey to Australia :

Hugely sized and heavy shipments are better shipped through sea. Daimoma offers different containers sizes suitable for the varying sizes of different shipments with two container sizes 20 and 40 feet. Daimoma ships through Turkish ports and offers complete and partial (LCL) shipping services to Australia.

Air shipping from Turkey to Australia :

Small sized shipments such as Commercial and Personal Parcels shipments are better shipped through air, as Daimoma offers Door-to-Door and Door-to-Airport service at reasonable rates and safe timely delivery to most of Australian cities.

Daimoma through the years proved its high efficiency in shipping from Turkey to Australia no matter the size or kind of shipment all of this with using the best methods of packing, packaging and shipping.

Advantages of shipping to Australia via Daimoma :

  • Daimoma's main principles are fast and safe shipping at reasonable rates.
  • Flexibility in shipping solutions for different kinds of goods.
  • Providing insurance services for the shipment against hazards upon clients' requests.
  • Tracing the shipment all through the different stages of the procedure.
  • Customs clearance of commercial merchandise
  • Providing the essential documents for the shipment
  • Our teams work around the clock to make sure our clients are satisfied wit hour services in shipping for Turkey to Australia
  • Providing Warehouses for shipment storage until the shipping procedures are started.
  • Communicating with suppliers in a professional manner as well as proper management of the shipping procedures


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