Benefits Of Shipping From Istanbul And Turkey With Daimoma Express

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Benefits Of Shipping From Istanbul And Turkey With Daimoma Express

Benefits Of Shipping From Istanbul And Turkey With Daimoma Express :

Daimoma offers its clients worldwide the luxury of safe and simple shipping from Turkey services provided its great experience in this field.

Advantages of shipping and consolidating shipments from Turkey:

  • Reasonable Pricing offered by Daimoma tailored to meet your needs providing the best, fastest and cheapest shipping.
  • Special quotes for companies and online shops and E-commerce.
  • Exclusive quotes when shipping via FedEx, DHL, and Aramex.
  • Consolidating shipments costs less with even more merchandise to be bought from the best of Turkish brands all facilitated by Daimoma.
  • The ability to consolidate shipments in Turkey up to 60 days free of restrictions and fees with Khaznaty service.
  • Shipping from Istanbul to more than 280 locations around the world with door-to-door delivery
  • Easily navigated platform to monitor the cargo shipment and consolidation procedures.
  • Speedy safe delivery being a principle in Daimoma our team work around the clock to ensure our clients' satisfaction. Provided we succeeded to do so by shipping through the years to more than 45 locations around the globe.
  • Different safe payments methods in Turkey for the clients' convenience.
  • Our crew professionally manages the shipment packaging and checks for its quality manually and do their best to provide the best service in term of lowering the costs and completing a safe delivery in time.
  • Providing the necessary documents needed as well as having customs clearance service.
  • Multilingual customer service around the clock to guide the customers through any stage of the process and help them track the shipment, in case of inquiries you can contact us through WhatsApp, Email, Website or the conventional direct call option.
  • Daimoma as a shipping company thrives to be your success partner.
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